Monday, 21 January 2019

Dary's change of use application

We are concerned that the applicant's plans do not incorporate areas to store and aid the collection of waste. The area already has considerable issues with badly managed collections of trade waste being stored on the street in both approved and unapproved locations. Rodents are regularly observed in the area.

This change of use increases both the amount and changes the nature, i.e. an increase in organic material, of the waste created by this business.

We believe it is unacceptable that no provision is being made to manage this.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Response to The Lilliput Court Cafe licencing application

We note that these premises are in the cumulative impact zone.

The premises are in a old building with all the sound proofing and sound transmission issues are created by Georgian building construction standards and techniques. Residents regularly report that the applicants have failed to address this challenge either through proper sound proofing or through proper management practices designed to reduce noise nuisance. Consequently all residents but particularly those directly above them, frequently report unacceptable noise in their premises.

These premises are very close to residential premises particularly the courtyard which is a source of both noise and smoke. One resident has windows less than 20 metres from the door from the courtyard to the interior. The design and construction of Lilliput Courtyard retains the noise generated by conversations and projects it upwards.

The proposed extension to hours in this application would considerably increase the already unsatisfactory levels of noise nuisance to which residents are currently subjected in an area which has already  been impacted by a failure to meet the spirit if not the letter of the cumulative impact policy.

We therefore call on the committee to reject this application.

However, if the committee is minded to grant the application we would ask for additional conditions to be imposed as follows.

  • All outdoor areas to be cleared within 15 minutes of closing
  • No noise generated from the premises to be audible at the nearest noise sensitive premises
  • Noise limiters to be fitted to all amplification systems set to levels agreed with environmental health.