Monday, 27 August 2012

Problems of the Night Time Economy - Litter

In the mornings Bath is too often covered in the detritus of the previous night:

- Bags left outside charity shops which have be scattered by drunks
- Fly tipped rubbish
- Litter casually disposed of by night time revellers
- Litter left by groups of smokers outside licenced premises
- Litter created by the remains of food bought at takeaway establishments
- Refuse left because of collection breakdown and abuse of collection services

Much of this is the is directly caused by the business activities of those who make money in Bath's nightime economy.

Few of these business do anything to clear up the mess their activities create or indeed to deter thei customers and staff from contributing to the mess.

We think it is about time they were held to account for this.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Experimental Scheme at Bog Island

We continue to receive complains from disabled residents and disabled visitors about both the negative impact that this scheme has had on them and the unsympathetic response of the authorities to their concerns and problems.


We now have had a clear policy and regulations regarding the use of A Boards for some months. These pictures taken in Union Street last week further highlight the pointlessness of creating regulation without having adequate means of enforcement.