Friday, 26 August 2011

Friday, 19 August 2011

The Fubar application for a new license

Grove Street a substantially residential street and residents often have occasion to complain about noise and nuisance caused by the customers leaving the several drinking establishments and the night club that already operate close to the end of the street.

This application would represent a substantial change in the nature of these premises.

Currently these premises are operated as a restaurant where the emphasis is primarily on the quiet enjoyment of food and where alcohol is only consumed as an accompaniment to the food. This license if granted would potentially create premises where the focus was on drinking and music based entertainment. Karaoke rarely creates a quite atmosphere and we note the applicants even at this stage are anticipating these premises becoming a party venue. All this will be further aggravated by operating longer hours and having people drinking in the open air.

These premises are located in an area which is supposed to be subject to the Cumulative Impact Policy; if this application is granted residents will be moved question what the purpose of this policy is.

Should, despite this, the licensing authority be minded to grant this application we would submit that the conditions proposed by the applicant are inadequate to control the nuisance which experience tells us will result.

We would suggest they consider, in addition, the following:

Closing times of two am in this area at any time would be wholly inappropriate

Outside areas and drinking alcohol particularly outside the context of a substantial meal have proven to be an almost inevitable source of nuisance and no premises in the centre of city that we are aware of are allowed to have drinking outside beyond 11pm at the latest.

Noise leakage from doors and windows are a frequent cause of nuisance were premises are playing loud music and most premises are required to keep all doors and windows closed after 11pm.

Any music amplification equipment should be fitted with noise limiters set to a level selected by the licensing authority.

We note the applicants anticipate significant queuing outside these premises. People queuing to go into drinking establishments and congregating outside when they leave are known sources of litter and many premises therefore have conditions set requiring them to regularly clear up litter, vomit etc. from outside their premises.

No one should be allowed come out of the premises onto the street with alcoholic drinks.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Comments on proposals to expand the Pig and Fiddle

The planning authority has made decisions about this area already which need to be considered in relation to this application.

One is planning approval for a large pub opposite this site on the former King Edwards School site the other is approval for residential accommodation adjacent to both.

This latter decision has already created heighten conflict between residents and the operations of the large number of drinking establishments and associated business in this area
The former decision has potentially created a huge addition to the volume of drinking establishments close to George Street an area already the focus of much drink fuelled anti-social behaviour.

The local authority and both political parties have made great play of their intention to create a better balance between residential amenity and the provision, many would say over provision, of vertical drinking venues in the City centre.

As a concrete expression of this BANES adopted the Cumulative Impact Policy.

Residents will find it hard to understand how the huge expansion of an existing drinking establishment in this context fits in with any of these policies and commitments.

If BANES, despite these considerations, is minded to approve this application then we think it is essential that they impose planning conditions that ensure that the applicant is held to their assertions and the implications of their illustrations of this additional space being used as a quite area where people will be sitting and enjoying alcohol in a context where food is a key part of the offer.